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Millar Library Re-roofing

Date: 04/10/2009
Thanks to state economic stimulus funds, Millar Library is getting a new, more energy efficient roof! Construction: April 13 through July 31, 2009 Work Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am - 6pm There will be a possibility of LOUD NOISES, STRONG ODORS, and/or DUST As with most improvement jobs, living with demolition and construction can be difficult: there may be noises, dust, and nuisance odors associated with the work. The contractor will use tools to limit and contain these nuisances, but they may be disruptive, and we want you to be prepared for likely events. Portland State University’s Environmental, Health, and Safety Group will be monitoring the project to ensure the safety of our campus community. For questions or concerns please contact Facilities & Planning at 503-725-3738

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