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PDXScholar Reaches 100,000 Downloads

Date: 04/21/2014


PDXScholar, a service of Portland State University Library, provides open access to a diverse collection of academic, scholarly, scientific, and creative content produced by faculty, students, and staff. PDXScholar increases the visibility of authors' works, maximizes research impact, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and provides regional and global communities with immediate and permanent access.

We recently reached a significant milestone: 100,000 total downloads. 

Here are the top downloads in the past three months: 

Student Work

Social Control Theory and Delinquency: 935 downloads

At the End of the Peninsula: 796 downloads

Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics: A Case Study of Music Censorship and Suppression in America: 767 downloads


Faculty Publications

Brew to Bikes: Portland's Artisan Economy: 638 downloads

Dark Current Measurements in a CMOS Imager: 409 downloads

The Frequency and Use of Lexical Bundles in Conversation and Academic Prose: 360 downloads


Are you interested in including your work in PDXScholar? Please contact Karen Bjork, Digital Initiatives Coordinator.


Apply for a Special Collections Research Fellowship

Date: 04/18/2014

Portland State University Library announces the opening of the application process for the Special Collections Research Fellowship. This fellowship, made available through the generosity of donors Corey and Stacy Lohman, will be awarded to one full-time Portland State Urban Honors or graduate student who plans on conducting significant original research in support of a thesis, dissertation, or other culminating master’s project using primary materials from the Library’s Special Collections and University Archives. The award is for $10,000 and will be paid in three installments.

Application deadline: May 30, 2014

Notification by: June 16, 2014

For more information on the holdings of Special Collections and the University Archives, please visit our website or contact us at via email or by phone at (503)725-9883.

Special Collections Research Fellowship 2014

Taxonomy, Ecology and Conservation: The Life and Tides of Joel Walker Hedgpeth

Date: 04/17/2014

April 9 - June 20, 2014
University Library, 1st Floor Elevator Lobby

The spring term library exhibit features books and documents from the archive of Dr. Joel Walker Hedgpeth (1911-2006).poster for Hedgpath exhibit

Dr. Hedgpeth was a key figure in marine biology and oceanography, first along the inter-tidal coast of California and Oregon, the gulf coast of Texas, and then across the world. He was a skilled illustrator and editor, and authored many publications. With a distinctive voice, he lectured widely and influenced many students of marine and estuarine biology.

Hedgpeth's primary field was taxonomy, and he specialized in Pycnogonida, a group of marine arthropods known as "sea spiders." However, his life and work included many friendships and relationships with key people in biology and other fields, including John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts, Aldo Leopold, C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell. He was a supporter of women in science including Olga Hartman, Libbie Henrietta Hyman and S. M. Manton. There is a unique history here to be enjoyed.

Exhibit courtesy of the Estate of Joel W. Hedgpeth

Curated by Randall W. Smith and Gretta Siegel

Photo of Joel Hedgpath with a large fish

Joel W. Hedgpeth, fish-wrangling in Texas during his early career.

Library Exhibits

Tonight on KPSU: Planning the Library's Future

Date: 04/09/2014

What's the long-term plan for library space? Listen in to Singing Roses on KPSU tonight at 8pm to hear DJ King Wizard chat with Assistant Univeristy Librarian Tom Bielavitz and Director of Campus Planning Jason Franklin about the work we are doing to gather input and make the library a better place. 

Singing Roses on KPSU, Wednesdays at 8pm

Faculty Workshop: Using Library Content in D2L

Date: 03/31/2014

Faculty and Instructors: Are you scrambling to get your course readings updated for this term? Have you ever wondered how to make the best use of D2L to link to journal articles, library databases, streaming media, and other content without infringing on copyright and licensing agreements? If so, we can help!

Join Distance Learning Librarian Amy Hofer for one of two workshops:

Embedding Articles, Books and Multimedia in Online Classes
Wednesday, April 2, Noon - 1pm
Monday, April 7, 4-5pm

Both workshops will be held in Room 160 in the Library.

In these workshops, Amy will address the following issues:

  • Embedding contents as quick links
  • Copyright issues
  • Linking out to library content


Can't make either workshop? Please contact your subject librarian

Spring Break Hours

Date: 03/21/2014
The Library will be closed Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23. We will be open 8am-6pm Monday, March 24 through Friday, March 28. On Saturday, March 29, we will be open 10am-7pm. On Sunday, March 30, we will be open Noon-Midnight.
Library Hours

Happy Birthday, Hellboy!

Date: 03/20/2014

March 2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of Mike Mignola’s career-defining release of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1. After the character’s somewhat humble beginnings as an eight-page feature in Dark Horse’s San Diego Comic Con Comics special, Seed of Destruction would begin the long life of the beloved “beast of the apocalypse.”

To celebrate, Dark Horse is proclaiming March 22, 2014 as “Hellboy Day.”

The Dark Horse Comic Collection at the Portland State University Library provides a unique legacy for Oregon’s premier comics company. Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 by PSU alumni Mike Richardson, Class of 1977, as an offshoot of his comic book retail chain, Pegasus Books (founded in 1980). Dark Horse has since grown to become the third largest American comics company. PSU alumni Neil Hankerson, Class of 1972, joined the company in 1987 and became its Executive Vice President. This major collection honors the importance of the comics format, while providing PSU students, faculty, and researchers access to these works. This gift provides copies of all materials produced by Dark Horse, resulting in a complete and preserved collection of the Dark Horse corpus. It is a unique research and browsing collection of comic books, graphic novels, collected editions, related books, statues, figures, and other materials.

In recognition of Hellboy's twentieth anniversary, the Library has created a display of Hellboy and other Dark Horse figures, along with a copy of the first Hellboy publication, Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1.  Find the display near the News Book area on the Library's first floor. And browse some selected Dark Horse Comics with the New Books.

Hellboy and friends will be on display through Friday, April 18.

PDXScholar in 2013

Date: 03/14/2014

PDXScholar, a service of Portland State University Library, provides access to a diverse collection of academic, scholarly, scientific, and creative content produced by PSU students, faculty, and staff. PDXScholar increases the visibility of authors' works, maximizes research impact, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and provides regional and global communities with immediate and permanent access. The majority of content in PDXScholar is open access, meaning that the works are free of charge, with limited copyright and licensing restrictions.

In the last six months of 2013 alone, PDXScholar saw over 37,000 downloads; the total since July 1, 2013 is now over 70,000 downloads. PDXScholar now includes over 4,400 items. 

PDXScholar’s strongest and most heavily used collections are those dedicated to student work. Of the top ten most-downloaded items in 2013, six were authored by graduate and undergraduate students. 

PDXScholar has an extensive global reach, with users from Germany, Australia, France, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Peru, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Ghana, Poland, Vietnam, South Africa, Spain, and Italy. 


The following student and faculty works saw the most downloads from June - December, 2013. 


Student Work

Timur Shishkin, Marginalized Characters in Contemporary American Short Fiction -- Master of Arts (M.A.) in English: 1,323 downloads

Jonathan David Fine, At the End of the Peninsula -- Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing: 1,183 downloads

Sema Hasan, Women of the Scientific Revolution: The Forgotten Scholars -- Young Historians Conference: 480 downloads

Benjamin Hawkins, Exploring Realism and Magical Realism in Slum Novels of the Global South -- Undergraduate Honors Thesis: 447 downloads

Maryjane Dunne, The Representation of Women in Comic Books, Post WWII Through the Radical 60’s -- McNair Scholars Journal: 416 downloads

Faculty Work

Charles H. Heying, Brew to Bikes : Portland's Artisan Economy -- Urban Studies and Planning Faculty Publications and Presentations: 2,259 downloads

Ted A. Scambos, Christina L. Hulbe, Mark A. Fahnestock, and Jennifer Bohlander, The Link Between Climate Warming and Break-Up of Ice Shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula -- Geology Faculty Publications and Presentations: 1,500 downloads

Susan M. Conrad and Douglas Biber, The Frequency and Use of Lexical Bundles in Conversation and Academic Prose -- Applied Linguistics Faculty Publications and Presentations: 1,325 downloads

Meredith Farkas, Participatory Technologies, Pedagogy 2.0 and Information Literacy -- Library Faculty Publications and Presentations: 1,006 downloads

William C. Porter, Bradley Kopp, Justin Charles Dunlap, Ralf Widenhorn, and Erik Bodegom, Dark Current Measurements in a CMOS Imager -- Physics Faculty Publications and Presentations: 744 downloads


Are you interested in including your work in PDXScholar? Please contact your subject librarian or Karen Bjork, Digital Initiatives Coordinator.

Library DIY Now Open Source

Date: 03/11/2014

PSU Library has recently released the Library DIY infrastructure as an open source platform for creating point-of-need instructional content. Library DIY is a system of learning objects designed to give students the quick answers they need to continue with their research or library use. This award-winning project can now more easily be replicated at other institutions.

Library DIY joins other valuable PSU Library-developed open source initiatives, including the contextually aware library widget in every D2L course homepage and the study room reservation system. The library widget in particular has been used by other libraries to connect their resources to their learning management systems.

Thanks to the team that developed Library DIY, including Meredith Farkas, Lisa Molinelli, Kim Willson-St. Clair, and Amy Hofer, as well as Mike Flakus and Nathan Mealey in Library Technologies, for building and making open source a well-regarded project other libraries and organizations want to use and adapt. 

24-Hour Library

Date: 03/07/2014

PSU Library will be open 24 hours from Monday, March 10 at 7:30am until Thursday, March 20 at midnight.

Only PSU students, faculty, and staff may be in the Library building overnight. The Library doors will be locked overnight; students, faculty, and staff may enter the building using an official PSU ID/Access Card. The card reader is on a post near the ADA-accessible door.

Students who do not have a white Student ID/Access Card can get one from ID Card Services in Neuberger Hall Lobby.

College Housing Northwest will provide overnight shuttle service via the Goose Hollow Shuttle, from March 10-19, on this schedule:

Monday - Friday 
The Shuttle will leave Goose Hollow every half-hour from 10:15pm - 6:45am

Saturday - Sunday 
The Shuttle will leave Goose Hollow every half-hour from 6:15pm - 5:45am

Students may be picked up from other College Housing NW buildings by texting 971-998-7306. Service will be offered from the Library to other buildings by request. Please notify the driver when you board at the Library. 

Study hard, students! And good luck on finals!

Flyer with information about 24-hour library

Late Night Access to PSU Library

Date: 03/07/2014

Entering the Library Overnight: A Photo Essay

PSU Library will be open 24 hours from Monday, March 10 at 7:30am until Thursday, March 20 at midnight. Make sure you can get into the Library overnight! Here's a photo essay, starring Mary, to illustrate the important steps you need to take to enter the Library overnight.


1. Mary needs her white PSU ID/Access Card to enter the Library late at night. Don't have one? Stop by ID Card Services in Neuberger.


2. Mary places her PSU ID/Access Card at the card reader near the ADA-accessible entrance to the Library. The card reader scans her card.


3. After scanning her PSU ID/Access Card, Mary pushes the blue ADA-accessible door button.


4. After pushing the blue ADA-accessible door button, Mary waits a few seconds. That door takes a long time to open!


5. Hurray, Mary! She made it into the Library. Follow the same steps as Mary to make sure you can enter the Library during 24/7 late nights.

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