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Conference History

History of Library Instruction West

Arising from an interest to provide a library user education conference in the West, the first LOEX of the West conference (as it was originally named) was held at Willamette University in June 1994, with the theme "Cultivating the Electronic Landscape: Teaching and Learning in a Climate of Constant Change." The success of this conference led to another in June 1996 at University of Washington, Seattle, with the theme "Collaboration and Instructional Design in a Virtual Environment." The conference has continued since then every 2 years.

LOEX of the West was never officially associated with the LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction at the Eastern Michigan University Library. However, the conferences always followed the LOEX conference model of a limited number of attendees, promoting an atmosphere for library professionals to learn and share experiences and ideas with others.

In 2013, the organizers of the 2014 conference, after consulting with past conference attendees and organizers, decided to rename the conference to remove the on-going confusion with LOEX. The new name, Library Instruction West, honors the conference's primary focus and regional location. 

Library Instruction West is very grassroots; it has no permanent home nor a permanent sponsor. The conference is organized and run by librarians who volunteer.

Past and Future Conferences

  • 2016: University of Utah in collaboration with Westminster College and Utah State University, Salt Lake City, Utah - "Learning Elevated"
  • 2014: Portland State University, Portland, Oregon - "Sustainable Library Instruction"
  • 2012: Woodbury University, Burbank, California - "Creative Landscapes: Information Literacy for All Terrains"
  • 2010: Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta - "Crossing Borders, Expanding Frontiers"
  • 2008: University of Nevada, Las Vegas - "Hit the Jackpot: Successful Experimentation and Innovation in Instruction"
  • 2006: University of Hawaii, Kohala (Kona) Coast of Hawaii's Big Island - "Information Literacy for a Lifetime" 
  • 2004: Boise State University, Boise, Idaho - "Teaching the Treasures: Connecting Students, Information Skills and Resources" 
  • 2002: University of Oregon, Eugene - "Expanded Conversations: Collaborating for Student Learning" 
  • 2000: Montana State University, Bozeman - "Creativity and the Art of Library Instruction" 
  • 1998: Southern Utah University, Cedar City - "Library Instruction for the 21st Century" 
  • 1996: University of Washington, Seattle - "Collaboration and Instructional Design in a Virtual Environment" 
  • 1994: Willamette University, Salem, Oregon - "Cultivating the Electronic Landscape: Teaching and Learning in a Climate of Constant Change"

1994-2012 conferences used the name LOEX of the West. 2014 and future events use Library Instruction West.

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