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Archives books or monographs on economics and business published from 1450 through 1850. Includes materials on commerce, finance, social conditions, politics, trade, and transport.

Contains the personal writings of women of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, displayed as high-quality images of the original manuscripts.

Covers many general interest topics in full text of popular journals.

Indexes citations and abstracts of the mathematics and statistics literature.

* Trial from 09/20/2016 - 12/19/2016

Indexes citations and abstracts of the mathematics and statistics literature.

A video classical music concert service, offers streaming programs from Video on Demand. Offers filmed concerts, an archive of movies on dance and opera, documentaries on performers and composers as well as educational programs and master classes. Presents free live concerts, operas, and ballets that are available for a limited time. Subtitles are available for some titles.

A Spanish language collection of medical research and investigative journals published by renowned Latin American medical publishers. Provides access to full text, peer-reviewed medical journals.

Features digitized medieval manuscripts of important European travel writing from the later Medieval period, focusing on travels from Europe to the Holy Land, India, and China. Includes travel maps.

Covers international medicine and the life sciences journals from 1953 to the present. Published by the National Library of Medicine, includes links to open access, full text articles.

Covers international journals in all areas of medicine and the life sciences from 1946 to the present. Published by the National Library of Medicine, includes links to open access, full text articles.

Includes information on commercially published tests and instruments, and also,  full text, research reviews of tests.

Indexes scholarly literature on the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. Contains records and covers from 1900 and earlier to the present.

Comprised of full text magazine and newspaper articles on national/international policy and politics, public administration, political science, international relationships, national and global security, law enforcement, and the military branches.

Maintains market research reports and consumer demographic/lifestyle profiles covering U.S. and international marketplaces. 

Indexes citations to journal articles, dissertations, and books about world literature, literary criticism, language, linguistics, and folklore from 1921 to the present.

Provides the primary finding tool for the Federal Depository Library publications including descriptive records for historical and current documents with links to full text when available. Also known as the Monthly Catalog (MOCAT). Updated daily and open access.

Provides the commercial version of the monthly catalog of U.S. Government documents. Includes direct links to some Portland State Library resources. Covers 1976 to one month ago.

Features working papers and special reports authored by leading marketing and management scholars on a broad range of marketing topics.

Contains citations of journal articles, books, and reports about museums and museum curatorship published from 1900 to the present.

Contains music scores by classical composers from the Renaissance to the present day.

Maintains a comprehensive online collection of jazz recordings by renowned artists, performances, and record labels. Closed captions are not available.

Features important opera performances, captured on streaming video through staged productions, interviews, and documentaries. Closed captions and/or interactive transcripts are available for many, but not all, titles.

Provides demographic and lifestyle profiles of American neighborhoods.  Demographic indicators include race, ethnicity, housing, education, and income. Lifestyle indicators include dining out, shopping, travel, and media preferences. You can search by zip code. Access limited. Please contact the Library reference desk for login.