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Data Management Plan Resources

NSF DMP guides
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NSF Data Management Plan Guides  

NSF Data Management plan checklist help page from MIT

NSF Data Management Plan checklist  (from University of Minnesota)

NSF Data Management Plans (from U of Michigan)

Components of a Data Management Plan - an excellent overview of plan elements excerpted from Cornell University's comprehensiveData Management Planning Guide.  Overview presentation of NSF required DMPs and suggested practices for each element.


Help with particular NSF plan elements

File formats  In addition to describing your data, give some consideration to how it will be accessed in the future when the software and hardware used to generate it may be obsolete. For long term storage and access to your data, its format should be: in a non-proprietary format; based on open, documented standards; a format commonly used by the research community; using standard representation (ASCII, Unicode); unencrypted and uncompressed.

A table of recommended file formats (from U of O, based on the UK Data Archive guidelines).  

Meta data  Data documentation (also known as metadata) allows you to describe your data in detail and will enable other researchers to find, use and properly cite your data.

U of O Library's excellent page on metadata basics and discipline specific metadata standards.

Privacy, intellectual property and accessibility issues  The MIT DMP checklist provides a useful set of questions to address these issues.  

Data storage and backup  For some data, PSU Library's PDX Scholar may be the appropriate final repository; other data will be more extensive, complex and require more facilitation.  Contact Karen Bjork, Digital Initiatives Librarian (; 503/725.5889) to discuss these considersations and PSU resources. Additionally you may want to consider depositing your data in a disciplinary archive. Useful listing from U of Minnesota of trusted disciplinary data repositories.


NSF Dissemination and Sharing Guidelines by Directorate


In additional to the general NSF policy on data sharing, if a specific directorate/program solicitation provides guidance on preparation of data management plans, such guidance must be followed. 

Biological Sciences Directorate (BIO) BIO-Division of Biological Infrastructure     
BIO-Division of Environmental Biology
BIO-Division of Integrative Organismal Systems     
BIO-Division of Molecular & Cellular Biosciences   
Computer & Information Science & Engineering
CISE: Directorate-wide Guidance
Education & Human Resources (EHR) EHR: Directorate-wide Guidance
Engineering Directorate (ENG) ENG-Directorate-wide guidance.
Geological Sciences Directorate (GEO) GEO-Division of Earth Sciences guidance
GEO: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
GEO: Division of Ocean Sciences guidance
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Directorate (MPS)
MPS: Division of Astronomical Sciences guidance
MPS: Division of Chemistry guidance
MPS:Division of Materials Research guidance
MPS: Division of Mathematical Sciences guidance
MPS: Division of Physics guidance
Social, Behavioral-Economic Sciences
Directorate (SBE)
SBE: Directorate-wide Guidance


Data Management Plan Generator 

DMP Tool
A web-based tool to generate a customized plan according to specific funder requirements (including NSF and its various directorates)


Other Funding Agency and Individual Journal Requirements


For large grants, ($500K or more) the NIH reguires that grant proposals include a "data sharing plan" in the form of a "brief paragraph"  relating the following:
"The precise content of the data-sharing plan will vary, depending on the data being collected and how the investigator is planning to share the data. Applicants who are planning to share data may wish to describe briefly the expected schedule for data sharing, the format of the final dataset, the documentation to be provided, whether or not any analytic tools also will be provided, whether or not a data-sharing agreement will be required and, if so, a brief description of such an agreement (including the criteria for deciding who can receive the data and whether or not any conditions will be placed on their use), and the mode of data sharing (e.g., under their own auspices by mailing a disk or posting data on their institutional or personal website, through a data archive or enclave). Investigators choosing to share under their own auspices may wish to enter into a data-sharing agreement."  (see at
For more information about the approach taken by NIH review the NIH Data Sharing Policy

Other Funding Agency and Data Management Plan Guidelines

An excellent compilation from University of Minnesota Libraries of federal agencies and their data management requirements.


Individual Journal open-data policies

Journals with open data mandates for the articles they publish,


Archives and Repositories for Data

Listing of disciplinary data respositories

PDX Scholar - some kinds of data may be appropriate for preservation and access through PSU Library's institutional repository, PDX Scholar. Contact Karen Bjork, Digital Initiatives Librarian (; 503/725.5889)

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