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Frequently Asked Questions


Clean Copy wanted to get permission from the publisher before it would make copies for me to distribute to my class so I had my department secretary make the copies I needed on the department copier. What's wrong with that?


No one should be making copies without proof of permission from the copyright holder. Asking anyone to make copies without permission is asking them to break the law. Clean Copy has trained staff who can quickly determine if permissions are required and complete the necessary paperwork to secure those permissions for you.

Copying a work without permission and giving those copies to your class is against the law. Asking someone on your staff to break the law for you is never acceptable. Using department equipment to violate copyright law is never ok. Any staff member who is asked to copy a work without permission from the copyright holder is required to refuse to do so and should contact PSU Human Resources if there is any attempt to intimidate or coerce them into making the illegal copies or any retaliation for refusing to do so.
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