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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What rights do I have in works I author or create?
  2. What rights do authors and creators have under copyright law?
  3. I found some works I want to copy and use. It's a big bother to find out who owns the copyright and get permission. If I just copy the work, who will find out? Everyone else does it, why shouldn't I?
  4. This is a University. Can't I copy just about anything under Fair Use?
  5. The work I want to copy and use is really old. Hasn't the copyright expired?
  6. The work I want to copy is available on-line. Doesn't that mean it's in the Public Domain?
  7. The work I want to copy and use doesn't contain a copyright notice so I can copy it without getting permission, right?
  8. I bought the book, doesn't that mean I have a right to make copies of it?
  9. Clean Copy wanted to get permission from the publisher before it would make copies for me to distribute to my class so I had my department secretary make the copies I needed on the department copier. What's wrong with that?
  10. I know what works I want to include in my course packet and I know I need to get permissions, now what do I do?
  11. How much is this going to cost and who is going to pay for it?
  12. I think the Portland State Library might have a subscription to the journal from which I want to copy an article. Does that matter?
  13. What about on-line classes?
  14. Do I need permission to use foreign works?
  15. I still have questions. Who can help me sort them out?
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