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The economic census has been taken as an integrated program at 5-year intervals since 1967 and before that for 1954, 1958, and 1963. Prior to that time, individual components of the economic census were taken separately at varying intervals. The economic census traces its beginnings to the 1810 Decennial Census, when questions on manufacturing were included with those for population. Coverage of economic activities was expanded for the 1840 Decennial Census and subsequent censuses to include mining and some commercial activities. The 1905 Manufactures Census was the first time a census was taken apart from the regular decennial population census. Censuses covering retail and wholesale trade and construction industries were added in 1930, as were some covering service trades in 1933. Censuses of construction, manufacturing, and the other business service censuses were suspended during World War II. The 1954 Economic Census was the first census to be fully integrated.

The range of industries covered in the economic censuses expanded between 1963 and 1992. In 1963, Commercial Fisheries and Transportation were added. The survey of minority-owned business was added to the 1972 Economic Censuses. It was first done as a special project for 1969. The survey of women-owned businesses was added to the 1977 Economic Censuses. It was first done as a special project to cover 1972. The census of construction industries began on a regular basis in 1967, and the scope of service industries, introduced in 1933, was broadened in 1967, 1977, and 1987. In 1992 the Census of Transportation was broadened to include all of transportation, communications, and utilities. Also in 1992, the Census of Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries began. [Introduction. 1997 Economic Census. Company Statistics Series.]

Economic Censuses Prior to 1997

Until 1997, each component of the economic census was published separately (except when included in the decennial censuses) and given its own classification:

Economic Census Component

Call Number


C 3.24

Mineral Industries

C 3.216


C 3.202/5

Retail Trade

C 3.255

Wholesale Trade

C 3.256

Service Industries

C 3.257


C 3.233

Transportation, Communications, and Utilities

C 3.292

Construction Industries

C 3.245

Outlying Areas

C 3.253/2

Commercial Fisheries

C 3.234

Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries

C 3.291

Minority-Owned businesses

C 3.258

Women-Owned Businesses

C 3.250

Economic Census: 1997 - present

Starting with 1997, these components are classed together as the Economic Census. The classification is: C 3.277.

Other Holdings

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